Multiple Teams · Football Information for June Workouts

First…Athletes must have signed HCS COVID19 Consent form to participate.
Here is a copy of our OHS Football Procedures: COVID19 Phase1
Practice will begin on June 1st and the team will be broken up into two groups. Practice starts at 8am sharp and all players will meet on the Practice Field.
Mason Arnold Demetrius Aklyn
Wes Bradford Jon Arrington
Jasen Carmichael Will Bolt
Christian Doty Juandrick Bullard
Keyon Ford Jacob Friant
Anthony Haas Jordan Green
Roco Jennings Kaelin Griffin
Hunter McKinney Quincy Harvey
Drew McMillion Michael Hill
Omar Norris Dawson Jones
Garrett Rigsby Tacoda Jones
Michael Stull Edgar Lawrence
Kaden Varner Fisher Perry
Evan Voelp Kyler Pollard
Jeremiah West AJ Robinson
Haidyn Wilkey Nick Sullivan
BJ Verrett
Tuesday and Thursday Group
Troy Berrien Gianni Ben-Moshe
Zane Boyd Dustin Brown
Jaden Carmichael James Clementson
Matyeus Crutcher James Harris
Justice Cruz Braeden Haynes
Jaden Harbin Colby Hoskins
Gage Harris Mel McFarland
Cameron Hollis Caleb McGill
Blake Johnson Brandon Morrison
Noble Knoch Kevin Prophete
Joseph Singerle Aidan Rains
Cole Steele Matthew Reeves
Jason Tabor Keaton Rogers
O’Ryan Tate Bryce Rucker
Rowan Terry Julian Sexton
Will Turner Andrew Smith
Logan Wells
For upcoming 9th graders:
All DBs, WRs, QBs, RBs, and Safeties. You will report on Monday.
All LBs, OL, DL, HBs, and TEs. You will report on Tuesday.
Free Physicals through Erlanger start June 1st and will run until July 31st. Parents/Athletes need to call 423-778-3390 set up an appointment to be seen. These are free of charge. Appointments will be at our downtown location- 1100 East 3rd St., Suite G-102, which is right next to Engel Stadium.
Current athletes must have a physical and Dragonfly paperwork completed prior to July workouts. Physicals must be dated after April 15 (TSSAA by-law).
Any new athlete needs to have a physical and the Dragonfly paperwork completed prior to working out in the June sessions.
• No gathering of more than 10 people at a time. We will have groups of 9 players and 1 coach
• Locker rooms should not be utilized during Phase 1. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at end of the workout.
• There must be a minimum distance of 6 feet between each individual at all times. If this is not possible indoors, then the maximum number of individuals in the room must be decreased until proper social distancing can occur.
• Adequate cleaning schedules should be created and implemented for all athletic facilities to mitigate any communicable diseases.
• Individuals should wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with warm water and soap before touching any surfaces or participating in workouts.
• Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to individuals as they transfer from place to place.
• Weight equipment should be wiped down thoroughly before and after an individual’s use of equipment.
• Students must be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning to home.
• Water fountains will be off limits. Each student needs to bring their own water to practice each day. No student needs to share water bottles.
• Bring enough water to last you through a 2 hour workout. This may mean as much as two to three gallons of water.
• There should be no shared athletic equipment (towels, clothing, shoes, or sports specific equipment) between students.
• Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing (do not share clothing) individual clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout.
• All athletic equipment, including balls, will be cleaned after each use and prior to the next workout.
• Individual drills requiring the use of athletic equipment are permissible, but the equipment will be cleaned prior to use by the next individual.
All students MUST have a signed participation contract present when they report for their first practice. Failure to present a signed contract will result in the student being barred from practicing until it is signed.
The contract can be found at Please print this off and have parent and student complete.